It’s nüte to meet yoü
Made by and for Earth, this is everyone's
space to learn, share and eat.
We are still at work, like bees in our hive, striving to create an
environment that empowers yoü to nourish yourself through
natüre; but for now,
we have something cool for yoü.
Savour Beyond
Order our first line of creations now

Icebar Smoothies

Fresh nourishment,
anywhere, anytime, everyday.

Reimagining smoothies with all the nütrition,
but prep- and fuss-free.

Made only with natüre and frozen to last,
each bar is backed by science to deliver specific benefits to your body.
Order our first line of creations now
Four goodies.
Four functions.
For yoü.
The Green One
Your pleasing daily cleanse
with this gentle flush of green earth.
Explore Detox
All our icebar smoothies are:
Low in GI (Glycemic Index)
We recommend two ways to enjoy:
(but yoü can definitely be more creative than us):
Just dive right into the bar.
In the freezer. For optimal freshness, please move the icebar smoothies into an airtight container upon receipt.
Packaging Recycling
Our icebar smoothie packaging contains zero plastic; and with your help, they can be 100% circular.
  • Bar wrapping - FSC-certified unbleached total chlorine free (TCF) greaseproof paper from IfYouCare.
  • Individual box - Pure cardboard paper.
  • Package wrapping - FSC-certified, soy-based inks, acid-free paper from noissue.
  • Bar and package wrapping - Please return to us clean on your next delivery - we will recycle them.
  • Individual box - Recycle in the paper section.
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